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Top Five Raver Accessories.

1: Caffeine pants. If your wardrobe does not have them. You are not a true raver, goth, punk, industrialist, or club goer. Also this would apply to thugs if I cared about mentioning them.

2: Random glo stick place below chest area. Of course they need to have been broken first. No less than 5 active glo sticks on your body at any given time. If your boss at work gives you shit... Well. You can always replace the glo sticks you just shoved up his ass right?

3: A baby's pacifier. It does not matter whether you are a male, female, gay, or straight (Although you score more points by telling every human you see you are bi) you must be sucking on one at all times. This prevents you from speaking and revealing your love for Annie Lennox. The Eurythmics are not raver music and should not be raved to. Same goes for all electronically based hip hop bands. Just because it has a loop does not mean it's techno.

4: All apparel must be at LEAST 3 sizes too big for you and inhumanly bright. You score extra points for every little kid who goes into an epileptic fit upon seeing you. Your pants must sag at least 4 inches from your foot. Skill is required to keep the pant legs from ripping. And your clothes must be able to fit someone below 5'8". There is no such thing as a tall bi sexual raver.

5: A back pack. See through is promoted since it reflects strobe lights more effectively. Kudos still goes to those who have bright grey or electric blue backpacks. Yellow is too much. Even for a Raver.

Items that are essential in the Raver's backpack.
*Note: These are not necessary but score you more points by doing so*

a: Drugs. Ecstasy, ever clear, roofies, angel dust, among others. Lost points for Heroin and other opiate related drug... Those only slow down your groove.

b: A non wrist watch time telling device. Sweating with one on your arm only irritates you.

c: Emergency hair color. In case the DJ decides to set off a water device in the audience and wash out your un-natural hair color.

d: Anything child related. Three years and under. Nothing impresses a raver chick like a diaper in your back pack.

e: A hand held game device pre dating the first rendition of the Playstation.

f: MORE GLO STICKS!!! God dammit I cannot stress this enough!!!
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