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Godofyourclique's Journal

25th January, 2005. 3:40 pm.(myparalysis)


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7th December, 2003. 2:05 pm. advice help!(sonjablue)

I feel like no one likes me, espcially those really hot guys with nice arms but thats a different story ;) hehe

How can I "fit in" more with the crowd? Should I shave my head, wear nike shoes and eat jello just like my new friends do? They say one day we will fly in a space ship! :P


Current mood: bouncy.

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18th November, 2003. 1:04 pm. I'm new be gentle.(sonjablue)

HI :)

Current mood: tired.

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17th November, 2003. 12:00 am. Maybe One Of Two!!! =-o(trueposer)

Commercial Families:

1: The family being portrayed is always together and almost always eating or having a Bar-B-Q.

2: The family is always smiling. Whether it looks forced or real.

3: There is much joy to be found in any household appliance. No matter how mundane.

4: If the family being portrayed is sitting down to eat a meal they will never ingest the actual food. They can chew the food but the camera will never spot them putting it in their mouth. Soup is acceptable however.

5: The father is 6'2". The mother is always 2-4 inches below the father in height. And younger by 7-30 years. The son is always older than the daughter and about an inch or less below the mothers height. The daughter (There are never two boys unless this is a new wave Old Navy Commercial) is always the youngest. And shorter than the son by 2 inches. Making somewhat of a perfect angle when the family is aligned.

6: If the season is even four months away from being fall, all family members must be dressed in proper winter apparel.

7: If the scenario is in the summer time. None of the family members have reservations about wearing strings and corks for swim wear. Always on the beach with a dinky wooden dock in the back ground. Also all family members are firm and trim.

8: The feet of the family must always be covered with socks. Male feet will never EVER be shown at close range.

9: The husband sleep in boxers, exposing his fantastically buff physique (Never mind that he's an 8am-7pm workaholic business exec). The wife always sleeps in expensive lingerie, always either black or red. The son and daughter sleep in pajamas. No matter how old they are. And the pajamas will always be light blue for the boy and pink for the girl. With bear prints.

10: If the ad is for a department store then it is acceptable to have a back family member. Or an asian one. However crippled people are never aloud.

11: When showing a comparison shopping ad the family that gets duped will always be less attractive then the family that uses their super saver card. All competitors and their customers are not as attractive or as smart.

12: It is common for the whole family to get revved up by the mention of a board game / car / EBAY / food product / and or home theater system and break into a song and dance.

13: The family never lives in a city. They are always on a street in a suburb and have a huge front and back lawn. Complete with swing set for the kids who are now too old to use them.

14: Parents are never confrontational.

15: Any thing spilled on the floor... Whether it be juice, soda, pizza sause, shoe polish, glue, blood of the innocent, or lamb sperm. It can always be cleaned up with a smile and a new package of Bounty brand paper towels.

16: Despite the sexual liberation of women in the real world. Women in the commercial world will always be doomed to be the housekeepers.

17: There is nothing embarrassing about genital herpes or your period. Mothers and daughters talk about this sort of thing in the home, at parties, on a boat, and in the class room all the time.

18: The father can always afford to buy his wife diamonds. No matter what the occasion. He always has a diamond something to adorn her with.

19: All families will be digitally enhanced to make your family seem worse than they really are.

20: When bill time comes everyone has a straight face. And by the time they shell out the extra money on a consolidator instead of using a calculator everyone will be happy. Even the clueless daughter who is too young to understand the financial situation her parents are going through.

Current mood: sick.

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2nd October, 2003. 2:29 am. How do you afford your preppie lifestyle?(sugarbumkin)

Rules for being a preppie (dun dun dun.....)

1. Labels, labels, labels. Remember: if it didn't come from Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, The Gap, or Abercrombie and Fitch, IT'S NOT WORTHY OF YOUR PERFECT BODY, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!!!

2. You must love Dave Matthew's Band, no exceptions.

3. At some point in your life, you have to have played soccer on a team voluntarilly and not as part of a PE class.

4. Your parents must have at least two cars, which must be either A. minivans or B. SUV's, or one of each. Acceptable colors are: green, maroon, black, and white. No other form of vehicle or color is permissable.

5. Your house must include at least one room that serves no real purpose, such as a computer room. As if your computer needs it's own room.

6. You must have a dog and a cat. It is acceptable to have two dogs, but not two cats. Deal with it.

7. If you are a female, your hair must be long and flippable and at least two days a week you must wear it up in a fancy ponytail variation, but never an actual plain ponytail unless you are running late for volleyball practice.

8. Shower 3 times a day.

9. You must own at least one pair of really expensive boots that you never wear.

10. Creativity is not an option. Remember, you are trying to BLEND IN as much as possible. If only cloning were legal...

11. Never, ever take sides on any kind of political issue except for in your own head.

12. Wear blush. This goes for you too, guys.

13. Floss.

14. Always order a salad when out to lunch with friends. Bonus points if you don't finish.

15. Make sure you look down on people who are "sub par" in your opinion. Remember that you are superior and be sure to jam it down everyone else's throat as much as possible. After all, how else are they going to know exactly what you think?

16. Participate in school activities actively and loudly...even if you graduated years ago.

Current mood: amused.

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14th September, 2003. 7:56 pm. Top Five Raver Accessories.(trueposer)

1: Caffeine pants. If your wardrobe does not have them. You are not a true raver, goth, punk, industrialist, or club goer. Also this would apply to thugs if I cared about mentioning them.

2: Random glo stick place below chest area. Of course they need to have been broken first. No less than 5 active glo sticks on your body at any given time. If your boss at work gives you shit... Well. You can always replace the glo sticks you just shoved up his ass right?

3: A baby's pacifier. It does not matter whether you are a male, female, gay, or straight (Although you score more points by telling every human you see you are bi) you must be sucking on one at all times. This prevents you from speaking and revealing your love for Annie Lennox. The Eurythmics are not raver music and should not be raved to. Same goes for all electronically based hip hop bands. Just because it has a loop does not mean it's techno.

4: All apparel must be at LEAST 3 sizes too big for you and inhumanly bright. You score extra points for every little kid who goes into an epileptic fit upon seeing you. Your pants must sag at least 4 inches from your foot. Skill is required to keep the pant legs from ripping. And your clothes must be able to fit someone below 5'8". There is no such thing as a tall bi sexual raver.

5: A back pack. See through is promoted since it reflects strobe lights more effectively. Kudos still goes to those who have bright grey or electric blue backpacks. Yellow is too much. Even for a Raver.

Items that are essential in the Raver's backpack.
*Note: These are not necessary but score you more points by doing so*

a: Drugs. Ecstasy, ever clear, roofies, angel dust, among others. Lost points for Heroin and other opiate related drug... Those only slow down your groove.

b: A non wrist watch time telling device. Sweating with one on your arm only irritates you.

c: Emergency hair color. In case the DJ decides to set off a water device in the audience and wash out your un-natural hair color.

d: Anything child related. Three years and under. Nothing impresses a raver chick like a diaper in your back pack.

e: A hand held game device pre dating the first rendition of the Playstation.

f: MORE GLO STICKS!!! God dammit I cannot stress this enough!!!

Current mood: stressed.

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3rd September, 2003. 2:18 am. Emo Journal Posting Rules(sugarbumkin)

Basic rules for making an emo livejournal.

1. At least once per entry you must mention a past boy/girlfriend, secret crush that you'll never ever get because your heart has been broken, or how your favorite band's music is "totally you". Acceptible bands/albums include: Dashboard Confessional, Jimmy Eat World (but only the early stuff, like Clarity) and Weezer's Pinkerton.

2. Every so often you must post an entry that talks about your friends, except you do not name names. You simply talk good or bad about them and let them guess if they're in there and where.

3. Anything remotely "embarrasing" that happens must immediately be turned into a rant because "your life sux and what's the point?"

4. You must pause every so often while typing, lest your emotions overcome you.

5. Try to mention how indie you are at every possible instance. For example: How many obscure bands do you know? Go to local concerts and remember every name, even if the band sucks. This way you can say, "Yeah, I like such and such, but no one has ever heard of them."

6. Name drop as much as possible.

7. Don't forget to include at least once per posting how a clique/group at your school "just doesn't understand," and every so often mention the fact that you are not emo. That drives the point home.

8. User icons with some kind of "I don't believe in love" or "I'm broken" message are great. Be sure to stock up!

9. Find the most sad looking smiley's possible and use them all in one day.

10. Use lyrics in your posts and subject lines as much as possible.

11. Never, EVER spellcheck.

Current mood: awake.

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9th August, 2003. 12:13 am. 5 Rules To Emo Dining Ediquate.(trueposer)

If you are a guy then skip this. We all know emo male's never eat. How else would you stay so inhumanly thin?

1: You must order some sort of green leafy vegetable with your meal.

2: The sloppier the appearance of your meal is the more desperate it will make you look. Sloppy Joe's should be a staple in your diet.

3: You are not allowed to drink anything but coffee. Extra points for those who only drink it black.

4: All food makes you fat. Make sure to dwell on this very vocally during the course of your meal.

5: In between bites make sure to read at least one fourth of a chapter in your book you have besides you... Come on. I know you have one!

*Bonus Stuff*

If you are truly emo you will only use cloth napkins. Extra kudos if it has special embroidering ;-)

Whenever possible, eat outside. IE: On a bench, under a tree, at an outside coffee house table.

Current mood: geeky.

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8th August, 2003. 5:48 pm. To Start Off!(trueposer)

Rules Of Hardcore Punk Music Elitism.

1: The band must consist of all males. This is necessary since all true punk bands need to be hateful and be male.

2: The band must have at least one political song slamming the current president.

3: The band does not count unless it is signed to: Epitaph, Sub Pop, Nitro, Kung Fu, Sub City, Fueled By Ramen, Alternative Tentacles, Fat Wreck Chords, Burning Heart, or Hellcat. Extra points go to those who purchase records from subsidy labels within this list.

4: At least one member has to be shirtless all the time. Extra points goes to colored hair. Also you must abide by this and have to have had non natural colored hair at one point in your youth.

5: You must own at least one of the following band's T-Shirts: The Clash, The Ramones, The Queers, The Sex Pistols, The Dead Kennedy's, The Circle Jerks, The Exploited, or Black Flag.

6: You must have at least one Queers or Exploited button.

7: SXE is not real music.

8: Any and all those who try to preach of Drive Thru will be decapitated.

9: Skanking is wrong.

10: All major labels suck. Unless your band has been asked to sign to one. In this instance you would now be considered an alternative band.

11: You must have watched SLC Punk at least 29 times.

12: Piercings are obligatory. Extra points for those who did it themselves. Safety pins are credibility sponges.

13: You are an alcoholic. No questions asked.

14: You hate authority. All authority. And if you are listening to me that means you see me as an authority on this. In that case you are WRONG and shall be hurt.

15: You only play guitar. Bass and drums are for wusses. Everyone knows that punks only play guitar so they can be about the music.

16: You must subscribe to at least three local underground zines and one nationally syndicated zine.

17: You are obligated to hate your favorite band once their popularity exceeds 20 people. If they are opening for a bigger band it is safe to selfishly assume that no other person at the concert likes that band and only you are there for them.

18: If you attend a concert you must tell everyone that you are there to see the opening band.

19: Hot Topic is the only place you shall shop. And you must dislike The Gap and all other prep establishments (Even though The Gap owns Hot Topic)

20: Your CD collection consists of more comps than actual albums.

21: You are not allowed to like anything weaker than Agnostic Front.

22: Plaid pants... Gotta have some of those...

23: All articles of clothing must have at least two spike studs.

24: You must have a pair of Old School Vans shoes.

25: Body fat percentage must be below healthy range.

Current mood: happy.

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